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3" Macodes sanderiana 'Gold Dust Jewel Orchid’ (starter)


This plant is currently out of stock.

Jewel orchid Macodes sanderiana has extremely unique foliage with black/brown leaves that sport distinctive white veining with hints of gold.

A truly attractive plant that makes a good indoor plant, but grows more vigorously in a terrarium setting.

Caring for your new Macodes sanderiana is fairly simple.  Keep the soil consistently moist, but take care not to over water as they don't like to sit in excess water.  Provide your plant with low to medium indirect light to maintain the stunning colors on the leaves.

Please take note these are small plants in 3” pots.  We consider them starters at this size.

Customer Reviews

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Kathryn Robinson
Pretty little orchid

Perfectly grown and shipped. I hope Canopy Plants continue to grow and offer hard to find plants like this.