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4" Anthurium Michelle by Doc Block


 Medium to bright indirect light

 Allow soil to dry halfway before watering

 Loves humidity


Anthurium Michelle is a fantastic cultivar that was bred by Doc Block in Florida.  This plant was carefully bred and selected for its unique traits.  

The leaves are heart shaped with slightly overlapping lobes.  The veins are prominent and are deeply silvered.  

Anthurium Michelle care:

This plant prefers a well draining soil that is rich in organic matter.  Allow the soil to dry out about 3/4 of the way before watering, taking care to not allow it to sit in excess water.  Provide your new Anthurium with plenty of medium to bright indirect light.

Additional info:

Anthurium is a large genus of ornamental, mostly epiphytic plants. Some species of Anthurium do have a terrestrial growth habit.

Anthurium are native to tropical areas of Latin America. They grow in a wide variety of climates, ranging from lowland to higher elevations. Certain species need high humidity, while others will grow just fine in ambient household humidity.

Their foliage varies greatly, with some having thick corrugated textures and others with velvety textures.

Anthurium prefer a well draining soil, rich in organic matter.

They are prized for their ease of care and their sometimes showy, colorful flowers.

Anthurium can thrive in lower light but grow faster in brighter indirect light.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pingting Zhou
Best plant shopping experience!

I was so happy that I decided to buy plants from canopy plant co. The anthurium is so much bigger than I thought and arrived healthy.

Simply stunning Doc block 😞

I’ve been on the hunt for an affordable authentic Anthurium Doc block and I was floored when I saw how afforded Canopy Plant Co was offering it for! The packing was perfect and the plant arrived In perfect condition and super quick! I have bought a few more from them and will continue!


Wishlist plant finally checked off the list! Arrived is amazing condition and is thriving. Worth every penny for sure, it is beautiful.

Tears of joy

I am so glad that I waited to buy this beautiful Queen of Hearts from Canopy Plant Co. I received the most beautiful and healthy Anthurium that I have ever purchased. The plant is so much larger than I expected. No blemishes and can we just take a moment and enjoy the healthy roots.

Jo Mullins

Fantastic fantasy plant!