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4" Scindapsus argyraeus


 Bright indirect light

 Allow soil to dry almost completely


Scindapsus argyraeus is a sport of the popular Scindapsus pictus.  Scindapsus argyraeus has green leaves with small patches of mottled silver variegation on them.

Scindapsus argyraeus enjoys being in a hanging basket but if you allow it to climb it will shine and outperform other plants in the room!  We recommend one of our coco poles for optimum growth.

Caring for your Scindapsus argyraeus is simple.  Provide your plant with a well draining soil rich in organic matter.  Allow it to mostly dry out between watering, making sure it does not sit in excess water.  If your Scindapsus argyraeus leaves begin to curl, this is a sign that it's thirsty -- so give it a drink.  Place your plant in a brightly lit room where it receives bright indirect light.

Additional information:

Scindapsus are native to tropical areas in Southeast Asia.

While easily confused with and sometimes referred to as Pothos, they are in fact their own genus!

Scindapsus has quickly began gaining popularity as an easy to care for houseplant with unique colorful foliage.

The most common Scindapsus species, pictus, has many different variations -- all extremely popular and collectable. Their foliage comes in an assortment of colors but generally you'll find them with lots of silver and green variegation.

Generally easy to care for, Scindapsus will tell you when they're thirsty! Their leaves will curl as a signal that they need to be watered.

Scindapsus are commonly used in hanging baskets, but they also love to climb! We recommend a coco pole for these plants so they maintain nice sized foliage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kathy Lewis
Good buy Scindapsus

This is the best purchase of this species I have ever made . I have purchased this plant twice before from other vendors and received rootless poorly shipped specimens. This experience with Canopy was excellent. Well grown generous well rooted plant showed up on my doorstep. It has been acclimating well and for once I believe I will have a good chance of enjoying a full pot of this scindapsus. Another successful purchase!

Simply Gorgeous!

The plant came in so full and bushy! It also came incredibly healthy and just beautiful. This is my first time owning a Scindapsus and it is thriving. It did not skip a beat due to the shipping (which was so fast, my plants were home in three days, amazing!). I will absolutely buy again from here (building my wishlist as I write).

Beautiful plant.

The plant arrived in great condition. It’s super healthy and it already needs a bigger pot.

April L
Beautiful argyraeus!

I was surprised by how lush it was! Lots of trailing leaves and new growth! Only a single dying leaf and needed water upon arrival, but that's normal during this summer heat! Safely packaged. I love it, thank you so much!

Rachel Cruz
Fantastic plant!

This plant arrived in perfect condition and is thriving.