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4" Variegated ZZ plant


This plant is currently out of stock.

You asked for them... and we finally have them! 

Variegated ZZ plant is here in all of its splendor!  This slow growing, easy care indoor plant can take any growing condition thrown at it! 

Low light? Check!

Forgot to water? Check!

Cooler temperatures? Check!

Hot temperatures? Check!

You get the picture!

The ZZ plant is the number one rated easy to care for indoor plant.

Caring for your variegated ZZ plant is well.. extremely easy.  Provide your plant with a well draining soil rich in organic matter.  Water it after it's been dry for some time, making sure not to let your plant sit in excess water.  Provide your ZZ plant with low to bright indirect light.  Take note that you plant will tolerate low light but it will not thrive in it. 

Customer Reviews

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In Love

I received this as a very unexpected gift and I am in love. It exceeds expectations! This is the third plant I have received as a gift from my sister and decided to join the Canopy Plant family myself. Fantastic plants!


Every plant I have purchased has been beyond expectation! This one takes the cake! I purchased it as a gift and they will not be disappointed!!!