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4" Alocasia Quilted Dreams


 Bright indirect light

 Water when soil is mostly dry

 Loves humidity


Alocasia sinuata 'Quilted Dreams' is a jewel or dwarf species of elephant ear with thick, bullate textured leaves. 

Alocasia Quilted Dreams is well adapted as an indoor plant due to its ease of care. 

To properly care for your Alocasia Quilted Dreams, simply ensure that it is in a well draining soil that is rich in organic matter.  Allow your Alocasia to dry out almost completely between watering.  If the leaves on your plant begin to droop or cup inward, this is a sign that you should water your plant.

Alocasia Quilted Dreams loves bright indirect light, so try to avoid north or east exposures and focus more on south and west for the best possible light for your plant.

Additional information:

Alocasia is a genus of plants in the Aroid family native to many parts of Asia including but not limited to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia.

There are at least 90 officially recognized Alocasia species, with more discovered and properly named every year. Alocasia come in all sizes, from small to large. Jewel types like Black Velvet tend to stay on the bushier, more compact side.

Alocasia are rhizomatous or tuberous and self reproduce from corms.

Alocasia can go dormant during the cooler months, so try to provide your plant with temperatures above 50deg to ensure that they stay happy and healthy during this period.

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Nice plant

Small healthy plant. Thank you.