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4" Begonia U-402


 Medium to bright indirect light

 Allow soil to mostly dry between watering


Begonia U-402 is an unidentified Begonia type.  

These have beautiful small pink flowers, propagate easily and can withstand extreme heat (95deg or so) and do well in cold climates (around 35deg).  The leaves are slightly iridescent.  These are easily one of our current favorite Begonia species!

Additional information:

Begonia is a genus of over 2,000 largely diverse species. While known for their colorful flowers, some Begonia species are cultivated for their unique foliage.

Most Begonias are native to tropical and subtropical regions.

Rex and cane type Begonias tend to be the most popular and widely used as houseplants. There are numerous other types, some needing more humidity than others.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brenda Lee
My Favorite Begonia

This is the sturdiest begonia I have ever had. It stays healthy during our hot, humid summer but in fall it goes on a burst of growth and I have a HUGE potful of begonia. One pot has a begonia that is 2 feet high.


My begonia U 402 arrived healthy and is now growing beautifully for me:)