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6" Cissus discolor hanging basket


Cissus discolor is popular vining plant with iridescent shimmery leaves that are purple underneath.

As an indoor plant, Cissus Discolor is tolerant of most environments.  We recommend providing it with a coco pole or other support structure, but they also do just fine in a hanging basket.  The leaves will likely stay on the smaller side if grown in a hanging basket.

Caring for your Cissus discolor is pretty simple.  They prefer to not dry out completely, so ensure that your plant stays evenly moist.  Avoid over watering your plant because they do not like sitting in excess water.  They love bright indirect light to maintain the colorful foliage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
barbara zurowski

All the plants that I ordered were package well, and are staying healthy and have acclimated well to my environment, big shout out to these guys, you can tell that they take care in their product and that is passed on to you

Better than expected!

The plant was fuller than expected and just beautiful. I didn’t have high expectations as they tend to suffer in transit but the packaging was perfect and the plant arrived healthy. Thank you 🤗

Caitlin Helveston
Larger than expected

The plant is a lot bigger than I thought it would be! It’s very healthy and stunning!! Highly recommend! It was packaged extremely well and there was a lot of care and consideration when readying this to be shipped!

Elisabeth Spoiala
Cissus discolor

Beautiful plant

Devin Maroney

Came exactly as pictured. Absolutely love it