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Colocasia “Pharaoh’s Mask”


This plant is currently out of stock.

Colocasia “Pharaoh’s Mask” is a mutation of Colocasia “Dark Star”.

The petioles are dark black and each leaf is green with a reflective sheen.  Each mature leaf has highly contrasting raised black veins, which is the reason why these plants are so sought after!  As the leaves mature the center pushes out and the edges pull back.

These grow to about 4-5’ tall and make a great landscaping plant.  They will defoliate during the winter (if temps are sustained 45deg or below) if grown outside but barring a hard freeze will return in the spring.  They do great if grown inside and will keep their leaves during the winter, but they do require very bright light.


Humidity - 50-80%

Water - When slightly dry.  They are fairly tolerant to over watering but absolutely need to be in a well draining mix.

Light - Bright indirect (can take full sun!)

Please note: Colocasia stress easily during shipping so expect a yellow leaf or two upon arrival.  Losing all of the leaves isn’t completely out of the question either but they bounce back quickly so don’t worry!  There are no refunds or replacements on “Pharaoh’s Mask” that lose their leaves during shipping.  Contact us if you need care tips!