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4" Episcia “Alice’s Aussie”


This plant is currently out of stock.

Episcia “Alice’s Aussie” is a unique plant that is very similar to an African violet.  “Alice’s Aussie” has maroon colored leaves with silvery pink mid-rib margins.  The flowers are an orange red color.  A very captivating plant!

They make great houseplants as they are well adapted to growing in a home setting.  Their leaves are fuzzy with small colorful blooms.


Humidity - 40-60% (avoid high humidity if possible)

Water - Keep consistently moist but don’t over water as they are sensitive to over watering!  

Light - Bright indirect to encourage blooming

Tip: Try bottom watering your Episcia as they don’t enjoy water sitting on their leaves. 

These plants are in 4” pots.