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4" Hoya latifolia (macrophylla) variegated hanging basket


 Bright indirect light

 Allow soil to dry almost completely

 Pet friendly


Hoya latifolia variegated, formerly known as Hoya macrophylla, is a sought after variegated Hoya species.  Hoya latifolia is wonderfully easy to grow and will produce beautiful variegated foliage.

If you want to sun stress your Hoya latifolia, simply provide it with very bright indirect light.  The leaf margins will glow an intense red color!

Commonly known as Wax Plant, Hoyas are easy to grow indoor vining plants that produce beautiful blooms. 

Caring for your Hoya latifolia is easy. Let the soil dry out between watering, taking care not to allow them to sit in water.  Make sure to give your new Hoya plenty of bright indirect light.

General Hoya care instructions:

Beginner Guide To Hoya Care

Additional information:

Hoya, commonly referred to as "Wax Plant" is a genus consisting of over 500 species.

Hoyas are widely cultivated for their aromatic blooms and unique foliage.

They are native to tropical and subtropical areas all around the world. They can be found in Latin America, Asia, Australia, etc.

Mostly epiphytic, you'll find Hoyas love to climb trees in their natural habitats.

Hoyas have a large range of foliage shapes and textures. They can be found with elongated, deeply veined leaves to thin, narrow leaves and everything in between.

Most Hoya plants can be considered easy to care for, in fact, we've compiled a list of the Top 7 Easy To Care For Hoyas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Jennifer M Brown
Beautiful Beginning

My interaction with the website, customer service, and then the quickest delivery with such beautiful specimens of plants. The images did not do it justice for how precious and alive and thriving this hoya is in real life. Thank you so very much!!

Needs some recovery time, but seems healthy

One of the main vines broke, but the plant itself seems healthy. I'm sure once it settles in it will start putting out more vines. I always appreciate how full hoya are from Canopy, so and despite the damage, this one is no different.

Krystal Williams
Good shape

It was in good shape. One leaf was cut and tendrils were dried out, but they are hardy plants. It’s doing great so far!

Sara H.
Hoya Latifolia

I’m so excited to have this Hoya! It has HUGE leaves!

Wes H
Beautiful and full plant

Stunning plant, healthy and full. Shipped quickly and arrived in great condition. Super happy with my whole experience!!