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4" Licuala Grandis (Ruffled Fan Palm)


This plant is currently out of stock.

Licuala Grandis is a highly sought after fan palm. At maturity, these tend to only reach about 7-10ft feet in height.

Unlike aroids they do enjoy a very well draining soil mix (ie. cactus soil).  They do not like to sit in water.  If you water and the water runs through immediately, then your mix is spot on!  Luckily for you these come in a mix we put together just for these!

These plants can grow well inside or outside your home!  If grown in a cold climate they must be brought in (or heavily mulched and covered) when temperatures hit around 45deg.

In warmer climates they can be grown in the ground and look really nice in a cluster under a shady tree.


Humidity - 60-80%+ 

Water - Keep evenly moist, do not let dry out

Light - Bright indirect (If outside, then full to partial shade is fine --- No afternoon sun!)

These plants are large, 12-18" tall, and in 4” pots.