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3" Ludisia discolor 'Black Jewel Orchid'


Ludisia discolor, also known as 'Black Jewel Orchid' is mainly grown for its attractive foliage and not for its flowers (white are white) like most other orchids.  This particular orchid has a terrestrial growth habit, growing along the top of the soil and is not epiphytic.

While this plant grows just fine as an indoor plant, Ludisia discolor grows more vigorously in a terrarium or other high humidity environment.

Caring for your new Ludisia discolor is fairly simple.  Keep the soil consistenly moist, but take care not to over water as they don't like to sit in excess water.  To keep the leaves the rich black color, provide your plant with low to medium indirect light. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Beautiful, healthy plant

I was looking for a black jewel orchid, so a friend told me about this site. I am so happy with the plant they sent! It's happy, healthy, and has so far handled the transition of shipping/acclimating very well!

Brenda Holley
Beautiful Orchid

The orchid arrived quickly and in perfect condition! It has 3 flower buds already sprouting. Very happy with my order!!!

George Parker

Excellent plants