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6" Stromanthe Charlie


 Medium to bright indirect light

 Keep soil evenly moist but not soggy

 Loves higher humidity

 Pet friendly


Stromanthe Charlie is a show stopper with its beautiful white, green and cream variegated foliage.  This is a newer cultivar and an uncommon one at that.

While widely considered a "prayer plant" they are technically their own genus. 

Caring for your Stromanthe Charlie is fairly easy.  Stromanthe prefer medium to bright indirect light.  Make sure your new plant is in a well draining soil rich in organic matter and that you allow it to dry out slightly between watering.  It's important that you do not let your Stromanthe Charlie dry out completely.

Additional info:

Calathea, which are commonly referred to as a "Prayer Plant", is a genus of flowering plants in the family Marantaceae. Most Calathea species will fold their leaves up at night, similar to praying hands.

Calathea are collected and prized for their uniquely patterned foliage. You'll find all types of colorful foliage within this genus, from bright pink neon to deep red to yellow and white -- Calathea has it all!

Calathea do flower, but they tend to not be very showy or colorful.

You'll find that your Calathea will be happiest with above average humidity and medium to bright indirect light.

Recently, up to 200 former Calathea species were reclassified into the genus Goeppertia.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Maria Hancock
Give it a chance

This is a stromanthe like a trio star so dame growth habit. The leaves are more delicate though like a white fusion. This plant come looking better than the photo. The variegation is built in no matter the light conditions. Not for faint of heart. This guy is finicky. But if your a prayer plant lover & have some skills with this genus this guy is a must have!

Sandra Fitzgibbon

Wonderful arrival condition.
Beautiful as usual..Thanks