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FREE Winter Shipping Protection and Heat Pack


We are now offering Winter Shipping Protection at no cost to you!  If we determine that your order needs a heat pack or special insulation, you'll get it ... free of charge! 

The deal:

We take every precaution to ensure the safe arrival of your plants. We check the weather along its expected route, use special insulated packaging and a heat pack as well as shipping only on certain days. 

In the event your plant arrives dead or severely cold damaged (leaves completely frozen, stems rotten, etc.) we will replace or provide store credit for the plants that were affected.  Please note that a credit may be issued instead of a replacement if your temperatures will be below freezing for an extended period.

Keep in mind, even though the temperatures in your city may be above 45 degrees, your package will likely travel through states which are colder before arriving at your door.

What's not covered?

- Normal shipping stress (broken stems, damaged or yellowing leaves).  We take extra care in our packaging, but occasionally a stem or leaf is damaged during shipping.

- Packages delayed or lost by the carrier

- Packages stolen post delivery

- Any packages left outside of the delivery address in temperatures below 45deg.  Please make sure you are available to receive your package when it is delivered.  There are numerous options if you are unavailable -- Usually your local CVS or Walgreens can be used as a drop off location or you can call UPS and request your package be held for pick up at one of their store locations.

- Packages delivered to an incorrect address.

All plants go through some degree of stress when being shipped, though it's not always immediately obvious.  It is common for a leaf to be damaged, yellow or wilt during the stress of shipping.  A healthy root system is the most important thing so losing a leaf from time to time is really no big deal.

What if my plant was damaged in transit?

If any plants in your order received cold damage in transit and will not survive, you may be eligible for a store credit for the value of the plant, minus shipping charges.  Plants that are deemed by us to have received cold damage and will not survive are only eligible for a replacement or store credit one time.  If your plant(s) received cold damage but may survive, we might ask you to wait up to 14 days to see how the plants acclimate and recover.

Shipping fees are non-refundable.

To make a claim:

If you need to make a claim just email us at info@canopyplantco.com within 12 hours of receiving your order.  We will be unable to process any claim unless you provide all of the following:

- Your order number and name

- At least 3 clear photos of each of the damaged plants.  Please take your time photographing the plants.  This is the most important part.  If we have to request better photos then the claim process will take longer.

- A detailed explanation of what happened 

If you haven’t received a shipping notification or if your temps have been below freezing for over a week please call or email us to check the status of your order.

We reserve the right to cancel any order if we feel that the quality of your plant(s) will be jeopardized.  This means any orders that are destined to areas with temperatures in the teens may be cancelled and refunded in full.

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