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Top 7 Easy to care for Hoyas

Top 7 Easy to care for Hoyas

Hoya are native to subtropical and tropical regions of Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Ecuador, Colombia, and other countries.  
In their natural environment they grow under the shaded canopy of large trees and tend to climb up them.  They are technically epiphytes but are sold as potted houseplants all around the world.  The key to a happy and healthy Hoya is a good draining soil, decent humidity and sufficient bright indirect light.
If you've been considering a Hoya for your home or office, then look no further as we carry a large assortment of them at affordable prices.  

Hoya Australis is by far the easiest Hoya to care for.  It requires little to no attention, apart from basic care.  Hoya Australis has thicker, green leaves and has a mind of its own!  It loves to reach out and grab on to objects, so a trellis or totem would be ideal.  These also make great hanging baskets!  
hoya australis

Hoya Retusa, also referred to as the "Grass Hoya", is a very easy to care for Hoya!  Its leaves are long, thin, rounded at the end and resemble blades of grass.  These particular Hoyas look really great cascading down in hanging baskets.  
hoya retusa

Hoya Kerrii, sometimes referred to as the "Sweetheart Plant", is a very fun and easy to care for Hoya.  The leaves are thick and succulent, making watering these very easy.  If you can feel that the leaf is on the thinner side, simply water it and watch it plump back up!  The leaves resemble hearts and make great surprise gifts to your sweetheart! 
hoya kerrii

Hoya Lacunosa, commonly referred to as the "Sweet scent Hoya" has small spade-like leaves.  This particular Hoya produces very fragrant flowers that smell like cinnamon! A true must have. This species isn't very common in stores, but we do carry them frequently. 
hoya lacunosa

Hoya Carnosa "Krimson Queen" is one show stopper of a plant!  They have green foliage that emerge with pink edges and then slowly fade to white.  These are stunning in baskets and a must have for any variegation lover! 
hoya carnosa krimson queen

Hoya Pubicalyx is an incredible Hoya that has oval shaped leaves with spectacular silver splash variegation!  These are similar to Hoya Australia, in that they have a mind of their own! They love to climb and grab on to things, but also do really well in a hanging basket.
hoya pubicalyx

Hoya Compacta, commonly referred to as the "Rope" Hoya has twisted, curled leaves that resemble tortellini!  These can be fairly slow growing but are a real treat to watch grow!  Their flowers are pink and very fragrant.  While they do not flower often, when they do you will be mesmerized!
hoya compacta rope