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4" Clear grow pot (5 pack)


Introducing the 4" Clear Grow Pot—an innovation designed to bridge the gap between gardening and curiosity. With its transparent walls, this pot transforms the hidden world of roots and soil into a captivating spectacle. Whether you're a budding plant parent or have a seasoned green thumb, this pot invites you to witness the magic of growth, nurturing a deeper connection with your plants.

Crafted with clarity and functionality in mind, this clear grow pot simplifies your plant care routine. Its durable, see-through design not only offers a glimpse into your plant's underground universe but also ensures easy moisture monitoring and root observation. Versatile and adaptable to various plant types, this pot effortlessly integrates into any space, allowing nature's beauty to shine through while granting you an insider's view into the fascinating journey of plant growth. Elevate your gardening experience and embrace the wonder of growth with the 4" Clear Grow Pot—a window into the thriving world of your beloved plants.

When you order this you will receive 5 of the 4" clear grow pots!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Malia Parker
Great pots!

I love clear pots! These are durable and the perfect size for when I need to upgrade my baby plants

Heather A

Sturdy and nice! Is what it says on the tin- nice and clear so I can see all the beautiful ROOOOTS

Superb Quality!

These are great little pots. Super-durable plastic, nice big drainage holes. They're fantastic. Seriously-don't hesitate to add some of these to your next plant order!

David Silverman
Hoya delivery

Great job. Thanks

Hi David,

Your order is currently in transit. You should have an email with tracking information. If you ever have a question regarding order status please call or email us, we're here to help!


Katie Crawford
Great drainage

The bottoms have raised edges which makes this pots drain so well!