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Based on 1246 reviews
Alocasia cuprea Red Secret

I love this plant! It arrived happy and healthy. It was large and beautifully shiny, and it's since grown a beautiful shiny red new leaf. I wish l could fill my house with them. This is a great seller, so I'll be back to buy more. Highly recommended!

Love it

This is one of my wishlist hoyas and I received a very nice one. And the price was just right. Definitely plan on purchasing from here again.


Such a healthy plant and well packed
Thank you

Dream plant

I've been wanting a tortum forever. Shipping plants is always a source of anxiety, but my plant arrived healthy and robust. I plan on making CPC my go to for online plant purchases!

Hoya Acura Inner Varigated

Nice plant. Can't wait for it to bloom.

So cute!!!

The hanging basket came in intact and very cute! It looks great hanging over the sink! I love it so much it’s beautiful!

So full!!

It arrived packaged so well! It was also so healthy and full! It added the perfect green touch to our living room!


Just lovely. Requires little to no care and is still just lovely, I love this plant shop

Stunning 🤩

Stunning plant that is super easy to care for. Arrived super fast with great packaging. Estatic to have come across Canopy Plant Co


I think I gasped when I unwrapped this plant. So big, healthy and beautiful. So much bigger than I was expecting. Canopy plants deliver big time!

4" Philodendron melanochrysum
Heather May Holbrook
Gorgeous and Healthy

I am obsessed with this plant! So beautiful and healthy. Shipping was fast, plant was undamaged with a beautiful new leaf ready to pop.

4” Syngonium Albo
Chrissy Charboneau

Perfect plant!


I love it. It’s so cute can’t wait to see it grow.

Love it!

Plant came in a perfect, healthy condition. It was perfectly packaged as well! So excited and will definitely be ordering again!

4" Begonia maculata
Robert Hardin-Leeth
Excellent begonia!

As I have come to expect, my plant arrived in pristine condition. It is healthy and was packaged very well. I gave it to my daughter for her first Mother’s Day. It was a hit!

3" Hoya polyneura
Kasey Santanen
Such a beautiful hoya!

This is probably the first hoya I received that made me really love hoyas in general. My polyneura is absolutely healthy and beautiful!

4” Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ Plant)

Arrived very fast, packed extremely carefully. I ordered this plant, a second ZZ plant and 2 others (both ZZ’s were almost exactly the same). The leaves were a beautiful luscious green, not ripped or crushed while being packed or in transit, soil was covered and still perfectly inside the pot. I would 100% order from here again!

Great plant and great quality!

Plant arrived healthy with new growth and has been doing well!! So impressed by every Canopy plant I get!


So beautiful and already have several new leaves.

Amazing quality

I am in love with these! They were packed so well with no damage and the plants were just top quality. This was my test order. Will be using Canopy again!

Monstera Peru

The plant is so beautiful and I love it!
I bought plants through other sites before and they were the opposite of what the description would say. The plants from Canopy plants really surprised how big, beautiful, and healthy plants they are (I bought five others in addition to the Monstera Peru).
Thanks so much for the love and hard work you put into growing these plants and keep them so beautiful and healthy so that we (customers) can enjoy them for years to come.

Stunning Hoya!!!

More than I could have hoped for. Arrived well packaged. In perfect condition. Thriving.

4" Philodendron Florida
Dominique Connors

Package perfectly and is thriving. Best online shop every

6" Philodendron panduriforme
Dominique Connors

Package beautifully. No soil lost or any damage leaves. Great size and in healthy condition. Plain is sustaining nicely in my environment

Love it!

Awesome packaging and great size :)