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Based on 3286 reviews
Great plant

Arrived in good condition and the roots look awesome! Fantastic plant that I love having as part of my collection.

Perfect for any climbing plant!

I have ordered a couple of these and just had to order more for the plants growing so well climbing them! They are super easy to stack and I find them perfect for my space as they are incredibly sturdy as well.


Have had the plant for a while now and it is doing perfect! Came in looking great and has had lots of new growth


I have had this plant for a while now and it is growing great. Lots of new leaves!

Perfect and full!

Growing phenomenally!

Perfect and full!

Perfect plant and is still doing great


Great sized plant arrived very well packaged and healthy
Love it

4" Calathea Stella
Donna Lister
Simply beautiful!

I was hesitant to order this because I have tried growing the white fusion calathea twice with bad results and this looked very similar. I reached out via email and was told it is easier to grow than white fusion because it has more green in it.
It arrived in perfect condition and so far is doing very well. I hope it continues to do well as it is a gorgeous addition to my collection!

Healthy Plant

My plant arrived in excellent condition and was much larger than expected! I have to admit that I have had difficulty growing this plant in the past, but I have learned to use a really chunky soil mix and not to over water. So far, so good. Thank you again for sending such quality plants!

Stunning Plant

The plant came in great condition ! I am in love with all the colors in this one :) everyone should have one in there collection , ijs ♥️..

Lovely hoya

so healthy and tall!

4" Hoya Chelsea
Edie Byer
Very cute !

I was very impressed with how well my order was packaged. The Hoya Chelsea is very cute and healthy. Looking forward to watching it grow!

4" Syngonium Godzilla
Leslie Morris
So unique!

Love the look of this syngonium ! Full and healthy! Shipping took longer than usual but arrived healthy..great addition!

4" Calathea Pilosa
Raquel Herrera
Love my plants

They came in great condition, packaging was great, very happy with my new plants

4" Calathea Stella
Ragen Hines

All my plants arrived alive, well packaged and protected. They all looked stunning when I took them
Out of the box.

Everything arrived great and in perfect condition. Happy with my order, but a little disappointed that the Hoya Imperialis did not come with new growth.
Thank you for everything! You guys are awesome!!

Arrived in decent condition, But in no time it recovered completely and now is beautiful and continues to give new leaves

Arrived in great condition and it is growing fast and looks amazing

Arrived in very good condition and it has grown so much in the short amount of time i have had it

Arrived in decent condition, but did not make it very long. It dried up and died even though soil was still moist

Cissus Discolor

Beautiful Plant arrived in very good condition, especially considering it was on a truck 3 extra days and 30 degrees on avg!!! Very happy & Healthy!

Great plants

Good shipping, nice quality and size plants!

Great Plant with a story to tell!

Everyone loves this plant as it's an eyecatcher; and surprisingly easy to maintain in an office environment.

Mama K
Love the tshirts!

Great quality fabric & graphic. Love wearing it. Just FYI, I’d wear a v neck too!

great starter

very happy with this starter ! it is sizing up nicely