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About Us

Ben Callender and Ryan Nash began this plant journey in late 2019 while working together here in New Orleans at a local garden center. Sharing a passion for plants and independence, the two hatched a plan, built a greenhouse in Ben's backyard, filled it with plants and opened their own online shop. In March of 2020 Canopy Plant Co was officially born.

Our roots run deep in the belief that plants aren't just décor; they're a way of life. We're here to transform spaces, nurture well-being, and cultivate connections between people and nature. We believe that surrounding yourself with unique plants nourishes your mind and betters your day.

Thanks to the continued support of our terrific employees, our great friends and our amazing customers, we are now shipping thousands of plants weekly all over the United States.

Meet The Owners


My role goes beyond just sourcing new plants. I'm deeply involved in every aspect of our operations, from nurturing our relationships with growers to meticulously selecting each plant. My aim is to ensure that every plant we send your way is healthy, unique and ready to bring joy to your home. So, whether you're an experienced plant parent or just starting, i'm here to elevate your plant journey with nature's most extraordinary creations!


My focus is on our team, ensuring they have the guidance and support to excel. I'm all about a hands-on approach, working closely with our staff to uphold the high standards of Canopy Plant Co.

Whether operational strategies, human resources or enhancing our customers experience, my role centers on the people aspect of our business. Here's to growing together!