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Winter Care For Your Indoor Plants

Summer is quickly coming to a close and you may find yourself asking, "How do I care for my indoor plants now that it's starting to get cold?". 

Well, look no further!  We've compiled some helpful tips and tricks for you to care for your houseplants this winter!

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Top 7 Easy to care for Hoyas

Top 7 Easy to care for Hoyas

Hoya are native to subtropical and tropical regions of Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Ecuador, Colombia, and other countries.  
In their natural environment they grow under the shaded canopy of large trees and tend to climb up them.  They are technically epiphytes but are sold as potted houseplants all around the world.  The key to a happy and healthy Hoya is a good draining soil, decent humidity and sufficient bright indirect light.
If you've been considering a Hoya for your home or office, then look no further as we carry a large assortment of them...
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