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Canopy Plant Co has a 7 day live arrival guarantee. If your plant dies within the first 7 days we will replace it or provide a store credit for the full value of your plant.

The following is a list of actions which will void our guarantee:

1. Re-potting or re-planting within the first week (7 days) of receiving your plant.

2. Placing your plant in improper growing conditions, growing media or lighting conditions within the first week (7 days) of receiving your plant.

3. Fertilizing within the first week (7 days) of receiving your plant.  Each plant has slow release fertilizer.  Adding more fertilizer can seriously harm your new plant.

4. Improper use of insecticides within the first week (7 days) of receiving your plant.

5. Over watering your plant within the first week (7 days) of receiving your plant. Although there are some exceptions, most potted plants like to have the top layer of soil dry to the touch before watering.  

6. Taking cuttings or making any alteration to your plant within a week of receiving your plant (7 days).

7. Leaving your package outside in temperatures below 40deg or above 95deg for more than 5 minutes after it has been delivered.

By purchasing a plant from us, you agree to the following:

  • The picture(s) displayed on each product page are to be used as reference only.  Some plants will be slightly smaller and some will be slightly larger.  The plant you will receive will not be the exact plant pictured unless explicitly stated.  If there are noticeable size differences for a particular plant, we will list size variants (ie. "small", "medium", "large") and will define what each size is in the product description.

  • Unless otherwise stated, we are "Grower's Choice".  This means we will select the best plant(s) out of our current inventory to ship to you.  Our commitment is to send healthy, disease and pest free plants.   

  • Variegation in plants is a random mutation and the amount of variegation (ie. "high") cannot be controlled. Some variegated plants will revert.  This is out of our control.  We can assist you in providing information on how to coax more variegation out of your plant, but we do not replace plants that revert or end up having low variegation.

  • Some plants may have slight cosmetic imperfections.  These plants are grown outside in a greenhouse setting year round.  No plants are perfect as these are living organisms, so expect a minor leaf imperfection here and there. 

  • Occasionally a plant will arrive with a broken or yellowing stem or leaf.  This is normal and is the nature of shipping plants.  We do our best to package plants so they arrive safely, but these things can and do occur (although infrequently).