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6" Aglaonema Red Army (rotundum x pictum) *** SPECIAL ***


 Low to bright indirect light

 Water when soil is about half way dry

 Not too particular about humidity


Aglaonema rotundum x pictum is a stunning Aglaonema hybrid with oval shaped leaves, white veins and mottled green variegation throughout the leaves.

This plant makes a perfect indoor plant due to its easy care needs.

Aglaonema rotundum x pictum care:

This plant prefers a well draining soil that is rich in organic matter.  Allow the soil to dry out about halfway before watering, taking care to not let it sit in excess water.  Provide your new Aglaonema with plenty of medium to bright indirect light.

Additional information:

Aglaonema, commonly known as Chinese Evergreen, are shrubs that are commonly found in tropical to subtropical regions of Asia and New Guinea.

These plants are typically known for their low light tolerance, though they will thrive in bright indirect light.  Aglaonema are known to be very tolerant of most growing conditions, which makes them the perfect starter plant for your indoor plant collection.

Aglaonema are not usually collected for their flowers, but instead for their colorful foliage.  There is a vast array of different Aglaonema cultivars on the market.  You'll find them in a multitude of colorful foliage combinations: pink, white, red and greens.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Leslie Morris
Big and beautiful

Super healthy and very cool variegation!

Tracey Klima

I love this hybrid