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6” Variegated Peace Lily 'Domino'


Variegated Peace Lily 'Domino' is a beautifully variegated form of the common easy care indoor plant called a Peace Lilly, or Spathiphyllum.  These plants have large colorful foliage that looks like they were painted with white brush strokes.

Peace Lily's make a great centerpiece for any room and are a perfect choice for a beginner plant enthusiast.

Caring for your Peace Lily is usually pretty straight forward.  This plant prefers a well draining soil that is rich in organic matter.  Allow your plant to dry out about 3/4 of the way before watering, taking care to not allow it to sit in excess water.  If your plant begins to droop or wilt, it's letting you know that it's thirsty.  Provide your plant with medium to bright indirect light for optimum growth.

Customer Reviews

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shari porter
Great price for this size.

Excellent, very full. This is nicely variegated, about 20 inches tall from table. I love the texture of this peace lily. Mine has 4 new leaves unfurling! Beautiful!