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3” Scindapsus Jade Satin variegated (yellow)


 Bright indirect light

 Allow soil to dry almost completely


Scindapsus Jade Satin variegated is a perfect addition to any indoor space.  Uniquely shaped and easy to maintain, this plant is sure to turn heads.  Its beautiful satin-finished leaves give it a glamorous and modern look.  Showcase your green thumb with this stunning indoor plant.

This particular cultivar has splashes of yellow variegation on the foliage!

Scindapsus Jade Satin variegated care:

This plant prefers a well draining soil that is rich in organic matter.  Allow your Scindapsus Jade Satin variegated to dry out almost completely between watering, taking care to not allow it to sit in excess water.  Provide your plant with plenty of medium to bright indirect light for optimal growth.

Additional information:

Scindapsus are native to tropical areas in Southeast Asia.

While easily confused with and sometimes referred to as Pothos, they are in fact their own genus!

Scindapsus has quickly began gaining popularity as an easy to care for houseplant with unique colorful foliage.

The most common Scindapsus species, pictus, has many different variations -- all extremely popular and collectable. Their foliage comes in an assortment of colors but generally you'll find them with lots of silver and green variegation.

Generally easy to care for, Scindapsus will tell you when they're thirsty! Their leaves will curl as a signal that they need to be watered.

Scindapsus are commonly used in hanging baskets, but they also love to climb! We recommend a coco pole for these plants so they maintain nice sized foliage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
It's gorgeous!

I saw this on your Instagram page and had to buy it! It came with healthy established roots and wonderful variegation!

So pretty!

Another beauty from Canopy! Happy to check this plant off my wishlist because I was so worried that it would be sold out by the time I got paid😂.