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Coco Pole (Totem)

$5.99 $6.99

Coco poles are a perfect way to stabilize and assist your climbing plant!  

These coco poles are 15” tall with a tapered, wooden base easy to insert into soil. They are also stackable! When your plant outgrows the pole, just simply slide another on top of it!

Coco husk is a more affordable and eco-friendly alternative to sphagnum moss. It also dries more slowly than sphagnum moss, allowing your plant more opportunity to attach itself to the pole. 

Not all plants need a coco pole but many varieties will thrive if given a pole to climb. Some of our favorite plants to pair with a coco pole are hoya, philodendronmonstera, rhaphidaphora, pothos, scindapsus, and syngonium. We carry many varieties of each! 

Plant is for reference only and does not come included with the purchase of a coco pole.