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4" Euphorbia lactea 'Ghost Cactus'


Euphorbia lactea 'Ghost Cactus' emerges as a mesmerizing variant within the succulent world, showcasing an ethereal beauty that captivates with its subtle yet alluring presence. This striking cultivar, aptly named for its ghostly pale hue, boasts a hauntingly beautiful aesthetic characterized by its muted, almost spectral, appearance. With its pale, ghostly tones contrasting against the landscape, this plant stands out as a testament to nature's ability to craft intriguing variations within a species. Its unique coloration, a result of a genetic mutation, adds an element of mystique to any collection, drawing the eye and sparking fascination with its otherworldly allure.

In addition to its enchanting appearance, the Euphorbia lactea 'Ghost Cactus' maintains the resilient qualities of its lineage, thriving in arid conditions and requiring minimal upkeep. Its adaptability to various environments, whether as an indoor statement piece or an accent in an arid garden, ensures its versatility. Euphorbia lactea 'Ghost Cactus' has captivating visual appeal and coupled with its ability to withstand diverse conditions, makes it a compelling choice for both seasoned plant enthusiasts and those new to the world of succulents, offering an intriguing glimpse into nature's penchant for creating unique and captivating variations.

Euphorbia lactea 'Ghost Cactus' care:

This plant prefers a very well draining soil that is rich in organic matter.  Allow your Euphorbia lactea 'Ghost Cactus' to dry out completely before watering, taking care to never allow it to sit in excess water for an extended period.  Provide your plant with very bright indirect light for optimal growth.  This species will thrive in some morning bright direct light!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jessica MG

So perfect, almost opaque vs matte white great specimen!

Ghost cactus

Such an awesome plant! I don’t think the pictures online do the true white color of this cactus justice! I was so happy unwrapping it to see how unique it truly is.

Miranda Nichols
LOVE this plant!!

I was blown away when I opened this plant. WOW! It is absolutely gorgeous. The coloring on it truly puts the “ghost” in ghost cactus. One of my favorite plants I have received from this shop! Buy it!!

Hope Gerales
Tall and healthy

Plant is tall!! Needs to be repotted as it is now too heavy. Solid specimen!

Kristi Palmer
Euphorbia lactea 'Ghost Cactus'

This has been a wishlist plant for years! I can't believe I found one this size, for this price! I will definitely be shopping at Canopy Plant Company more!