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4" Hoya sigillatis AH001 hanging basket


 Bright indirect light

 Allow soil to dry almost completely

 Pet friendly


This plant is currently out of stock.

Hoya sigillatis has amazingly colorful foliage and beautiful blooms that are sure to stop you in your tracks.  The leaves on this species are narrow and have hints of green, purple and splashes of silver.

Hoya sigillatis is a fairly uncommon indoor vining plant that prefers cooler growing conditions.  This Hoya thrives in temperatures from 65-75deg.

Caring for your Hoya sigillatis is relatively easy, but does require some extra attention.  This plant prefers a well draining mix and frequent fertilizing while it is actively growing.  Take care not to let your Hoya sigillatis sit in excess water as they prefer to dry out a little between watering.  Provide your plant with plenty of bright indirect light for optimal growth.

General Hoya care instructions:

Beginner Guide To Hoya Care

Additional information:

Hoya, commonly referred to as "Wax Plant" is a genus consisting of over 500 species.

Hoyas are widely cultivated for their aromatic blooms and unique foliage.

They are native to tropical and subtropical areas all around the world. They can be found in Latin America, Asia, Australia, etc.

Mostly epiphytic, you'll find Hoyas love to climb trees in their natural habitats.

Hoyas have a large range of foliage shapes and textures. They can be found with elongated, deeply veined leaves to thin, narrow leaves and everything in between.

Most Hoya plants can be considered easy to care for, in fact, we've compiled a list of the Top 7 Easy To Care For Hoyas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Susan Fisher

Big beautiful healthy plant!
Thank you so much!

Megan Barnett
Perfect Plant!

This Hoya shipped to me in great shape, it is such a happy plant, I am looking forward to buying more Hoyas from Canopy in the future!

Roxane Smith
Beautiful Hoya!

So glad I purchased this hoya, it is a beauty, very healthy full pot. This was one of 4 Hoya's in my order and i was very happy with all of them. They came very well packaged and I'm already thinking about my next order and which Hoya's i want.

Very pretty!

Arrived in perfect condition, very full plant in hanging basket. The splashes are so nice and it has new growth coming in. Fast shipping with care. Will buy from again.

Happy Purchase

Another Satisfied purchase from Canopy. The plant arrived healthy, pest-free, and in excellent condition. If you don't know, Canopy's packaging is SOLID. I was nervous about getting this one because I thought I would struggle with care. Nope! It's a Hoya. I say that to say-GET ONE! I don't think you will be disappointed. The splash on the leaves is striking, the sun stress color is a purpley-red. Also, some leaves naturally have the sun stress color. This plant has uber personality, you will not be disappointed.