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4" Monstera adansonii (wide form)


 Bright indirect light

 Allow soil to dry almost completely between watering


Monstera adansonii (wide form) is the ever popular plant commonly referred to as a "Swiss Cheese Plant".  They get this name from their unique foliage that fenestrates, which means it develops holes in the leaves.   There are 2 common forms of Monstera adansonii, wide and narrow.  This describes how wide the foliage is!

Monstera adansonii is a great indoor plant for beginners and expert houseplant lovers alike.  Give it a pole to climb and the leaves will get larger and larger.  Their leaves can reach up to 2' in length!

Caring for your Monstera adansonii is very easy.  This exotic plant loves to dry out between watering.  Provide it with bright indirect light for a happy, healty plant!

Additional information:

Monstera, also referred to as "Swiss Cheese Plant", are a type of aroid native to many different countries in Latin America. Monstera can be found growing in its natural habitat in Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, etc.

In the wild, Monstera have a variety of growth habits. They can climb or spread as ground cover. If they are allowed to climb, Monstera leaves will become much larger and begin to fenestrate. They are semi-epiphytic.

Monstera can grow in low indirect light but prefer medium to bright indirect light. If grown in low light conditions their growth will slow.

They tend to be easy to care for and make a great addition to any houseplant collection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Jessica D
Super cute plant!

I was hesitant about getting one of these because of the size they can get but I'm glad I decided to get this little cutie. My very first Monstera, she's adorable and came in great shape. I can really tell how much care goes into packaging these babies for shipping. Beautiful job!

Courtney Walker
So pretty!

My plant came absolutely in perfect shape and larger than expected. Thank you!!

Debra Thompson
Very Nice

My plant arrived intact and in very good condition. Will definitely purchase from this company again.

Jade Capps

This is my first adansonii so I was excited to receive this, it arrived in great condition and nicely wrapped. It arrived with a new growth and since I’ve had it, it has put out two new leaves! I have it on a pole and can’t wait to see it grow and get bigger.

Hanna Anderson

I love my plants. I ordered a 4” of each
Philodendron pink princess, jungle boogie, a Perl and jade pathos and a monstera adansonii. They came really well packaged for our Utah spring/3rd winter. I’ve had them about a month now and they’re doing fantastic. I started my “house plant” journey about 5 years ago and am now up to about 80 plants. Thank you canopy plant co for adding to my happiness.