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4" Sansevieria Whale Fin


Sansevieria Whale Fin (Sansevieria masoniana) is an extremely easy to care for indoor plant.  The leaves on this species resemble whale fins (or shark fins, which it is sometimes also called!) and can grow up to 3-4' tall! 

Sansevieria Whale Fin isn't the fastest grower but it is certainly the easiest.  These plants will take whatever you throw at them!  If you tend to under water your plants, this is the perfect plant for you.

Caring for your Sansevieria Whale Fin is very simple.  Provide your plant with a well draining soil rich in organic matter.  Allow it to dry out completely between watering.  Do not allow it to sit in excess water.  This plant is tolerant of low light but grows best in bright indirect light.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
P Biz

Really healthy plant! A whalefin sans has been on my wish list for quite a while but can be hard to find. I finally decided to look online but was skeptical. Basically, it's making a purchase sight unseen. This company did a great job with packing, plant selection, and it also arrived very quickly! Thanks for doing such a great job!!


My whale fin arrived and is beautifully perfect. So thankful for canopy plant co. All plants were shipped/packed securely as well

Great size for price!

I had the perfect planter!!! It was after I placed my order I realized they had the 6” for $27. Great packaging. No complaints. Already have items in my cart!!!

Elisabeth Spoiala
Whale fin

Perfect healthy like always. Thank you so much