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6" Anthurium Queen of Hearts


 Medium to bright indirect light

 Allow soil to dry halfway before watering

 Loves humidity


This plant is currently out of stock.

Anthurium Queen of Hearts is a stunning must have indoor plant for any Anthurium or rare plant collector.  This Anthurium cultivar produces heart shaped leaves that emerge a dark pink or chocolate color and harden off to a deep/dark green or brown color.

Anthurium Queen of Hearts is of unknown parentage, but we think this may just be one of our favorite Anthurium plants by far!

Anthurium Queen of Hearts care:

This plant prefers a well draining soil that is rich in organic matter.  Allow the soil to dry out almost completely before watering, taking care to not allow it to sit in excess water.  Provide your new plant with plenty of medium to bright indirect light.  This plant does prefer slightly higher humidity.

Additional info:

Anthurium is a large genus of ornamental, mostly epiphytic plants. Some species of Anthurium do have a terrestrial growth habit.

Anthurium are native to tropical areas of Latin America. They grow in a wide variety of climates, ranging from lowland to higher elevations. Certain species need high humidity, while others will grow just fine in ambient household humidity.

Their foliage varies greatly, with some having thick corrugated textures and others with velvety textures.

Anthurium prefer a well draining soil, rich in organic matter.

They are prized for their ease of care and their sometimes showy, colorful flowers.

Anthurium can thrive in lower light but grow faster in brighter indirect light.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Devron Garrett
Anthurium Red Queen

The plant arrived in mint condition.
I will order from this company in the near future.

Big plant

The anthurium came very big with an inflo! Many leaves died off during acclimatization but new leaf on the way!

Dorothy Ann Johnson
Beautiful, Just Beautiful

This is my first purchase from Canopy Plant Co. I must say, this plant is stunning. Hoping I can do her justice. Thank you Canopy Plant Co.

Absolutely beautiful

This was my first time ordering from Canopy and I’m glad I found this shop. After reading all the reviews I decided to splurge a little on this plant even though it was my first time ordering from them, I felt confident that it would arrive in great shape.

Canopy plants have exceeded my expectations and I’m currently ordering 2 more plants!

I JUST unboxed these and I’m sure within a few days once they accumulate they will be perfect. My order came super fast and I really can’t say enough good things about this store. You can see the pride the take in their plants by the quality of them and how amazing they’re packaged.

Lindsey B
Blown away

I have well over 100 plants(I never count, I buy and sell fairly fast and don't have counting time lol). And love them all but have never had a favorite. Well this beauty just took the cake!! I did not expect her to be so large and BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to order more now. I order plants online and definitely have a new favorite company.