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Coco Pole (Totem)


Coco poles are a perfect way to stabilize and assist your climbing plant!  

These coco poles are 15” tall with a pvc tube that is inserted into the soil.  We find it easier to remove the plant from the pot in order to use this pole.  They are also stackable! When your plant outgrows the pole, just simply slide another on top of it!

Coco husk is a more affordable and eco-friendly alternative to sphagnum moss. It also dries slower than sphagnum moss, allowing your plant more opportunity to attach itself to the pole. 

Not all plants need a coco pole but many varieties will thrive if given a pole to climb. Some of our favorite plants to pair with a coco pole are hoya, philodendronmonstera, rhaphidaphora, pothos, scindapsus, and syngonium. We carry many varieties of each! 

Plant is for reference only and does not come included with the purchase of a coco pole.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
David Silverman
Coco Pole

This is the perfect product to support the growth of my H Imbricata. As it grows so does the Coco Pole. Thanks for providing Silverman product for my plants. David

Great quality

Love it!


Great little pole. Super excited to use it.

jessica martinez
Coco Pole

It’s so easy to use and I can’t wait for the leaves of my pothos plant to start wrapping and climbing around it.

Geneva Dansby
Great coco pole

I believe this pole will serve its purpose very well. I will order more in the future.