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4" Ficus Ruby


 Bright indirect light

 Allow soil to dry almost completely


Ficus ruby has stunning pink variegated foliage with hints of cream, green and white throughout the leaf.

Ficus ruby are similar to Ficus tineke, but the leaf margins stay pink after the leaves mature.

Ficus care is relatively simple.  Most Ficus plants prefer bright indirect light.  Make sure your plant is in a well draining soil rich in organic matter and allow it to dry out almost completely between watering.  Take care not to place your Ficus near a cold window or near a heat or air vent.

Fun fact:  The scientific name for Ficus ruby is Ficus elastica and they are commonly referred to as a "Rubber tree"! 

Additional information:

Ficus, commonly referred to as a "Fig" or "Rubber tree", is a large genus of plants that number over 800 different species. They are found on almost every continent and range from tropical to semi-temperate climate zones.

Ficus generally grow as shrubs and trees but some also grow as vines and epiphytes.

The more traditional Ficus that are commonly cultivated as house plants are the Elastica species, like Tineke and Ruby.

Most Ficus prefer to dry out between watering. They prefer bright indirect light and some species thrive in direct sun.

Customer Reviews

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Jacob Lyons

This plant arrived thriving and is completely beautiful 😍