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4" Cissus discolor hanging basket


Cissus discolor is popular vining plant with iridescent shimmery leaves that are purple underneath.  Commonly known as a "Rex Begonia Vine", this plant is not a Begonia but it sure does love to vine!

As an indoor plant, Cissus Discolor is tolerant of most environments.  We recommend providing it with a coco pole or other support structure, but they also do just fine in a hanging basket. 

Cissus discolor care:

This plant prefers to not dry out completely, so ensure that your plant stays evenly moist.  Avoid over watering your Cissus plant because they do not like sitting in excess water.  They love bright indirect light in order to maintain the colorful foliage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Katie Walton

This plant is amazing!!!! It arrived in the best condition, and has almost doubled in size in just two weeks! I can't help but stop and stare at it every time I walk past it. <3