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4” Hoya rangsan hanging basket


 Bright indirect light

 Allow soil to dry almost completely

 Pet friendly


This plant is currently out of stock.

Hoya rangsan is a relatively uncommon plant that is characterized by its long, thick leaves with splashes of silver.  We find that this species makes a good indoor plant but is better suited growing outside in the shade in warmer climates.

Commonly known as Wax Plant, Hoyas are easy to grow indoor vining plants that produce beautiful blooms. 

Hoya rangsan care:

Let the soil dry out between watering, taking care not to allow them to sit in excess water.  Make sure to give your new Hoya plenty of bright indirect light.

Note: No refunds or replacements on Hoya Rangsan.  By purchasing this plant you understand this is a delicate plant and will likely lose some or all of its leaves during transit or the acclimation period.

General Hoya care instructions:

Beginner Guide To Hoya Care

Additional information:

Hoya, commonly referred to as "Wax Plant" is a genus consisting of over 500 species.

Hoyas are widely cultivated for their aromatic blooms and unique foliage.

They are native to tropical and subtropical areas all around the world. They can be found in Latin America, Asia, Australia, etc.

Mostly epiphytic, you'll find Hoyas love to climb trees in their natural habitats.

Hoyas have a large range of foliage shapes and textures. They can be found with elongated, deeply veined leaves to thin, narrow leaves and everything in between.

Most Hoya plants can be considered easy to care for, in fact, we've compiled a list of the Top 7 Easy To Care For Hoyas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Roxane Smith
Hoya Rangsan

It was a little smaller then I was expecting, as I had read many positive reviews stating a full, large plant. It is a very healthy plant. Look forward to watching it grow.

Maria Boitenin
Hoya Rangsan

Healthy and full

Kelly D
Full beautiful basket

Very happy with my Hoya latifolia 'rangsan' overall it's packed full of healthy well rooted mature cuttings that have produced many new leaves and it's vining the a pro. This is a VERY good looking Hoya.

AA Rating for Rangsan :)

I wasn’t familiar with this particular Hoya so I took a chance on it at such a great price! Pot arrived very full and bouncy. I totally love it and appreciate the beautiful splash on the leaves and the shape. A great addition to any collection!

Amy McKinney
Hoya Rangsan

The picture online does not do it justice. This hoya was much larger and more beautiful in person! It is one of my favorites.